Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear Little One,

You sit low in me, probably asleep.  I'm watching Far and Away and finishing up your baby blanket.  It's now got a border on it and is nearly done.  Thank goodness I turned out to be a quick knitter... I've only really worked on this blanket a total of maybe 3 days.
I love watching this movie, even though most of it doesn't take place in Ireland.  It makes me dream of the day you and your siblings will be able to dig in dark earth and discover what it means to watch something you planted grow big and tall and feed you.  Your daddy and I each long for some land, to work it, to make it rich so that it feeds us well.
We talk about moving to a small village in the county Cork, but I'd be satisfied with being able to recreate that here.  Some horses, a cow or two, goats, chickens, ducks.  And a couple acres to plant things on.  Your mama was cutting down watermelon tonight because I'm pickling the rind.  Never having had it, I'm interested to see how it tastes.  I want these sorts of memories for you.  Us in the kitchen baking and canning.  Homemade jam on your homemade bread. 
I dream of a simpler life for us.  I hope you will appreciate the childhood we'll be trying to give you.  We already love you so much.


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