Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing Your Daddy Today

You, lil miss, were kicking up a storm this morning.  I placed my hand on my belly and it was strong enough to cause my hand to jump.  At the same time I was listening to "L is for the way you look at me..." and trying hard to hold it together.  I miss your daddy.  I've made it thus far quite alright, but this last stretch has been a bit harder for both of us.  We each have woken up sad, having dreamt of the other.  And I feel bad for everything he's missing right now.  I console myself that you'll probably be even more forceful once he's back.

And on top of the kicking I finally realized what my sore esophagus was... heartburn!  I've never really had it before other than 1 time in college, and I felt stupid once I figured it out.  I don't mind it in the last, in fact I was excited.  Heartburn is scientifically linked to your chances of being born with a head of hair, so I hope it continues. 

You are the greatest thing I've done thus far in my young-ish life.  It's nice to just lie back and enjoy the ride, taking frequent naps, enjoying walks in the sun.  It's an amazingly fun time.  It'll be even better once your daddy is home.

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