Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keeping Healthy

I did the math and realized I wasn't eating enough protein for my "delicate" condition.  Like, majorly not eating enough.  I've been drinking plenty of whole milk, eating butter, and whatnot, but still not getting enough with my lack of meat and beans (or even a bunch of eggs).

So I picked up some good full fat greek yogurt, some bacon, and some hamburger.  I'd love nothing more than a steak, but I eat them moo-ing, so it's a no go.  So I made hamburgers for dinner Friday night, ate it with portobello mushroom and provolone ravioli.  Those lasted through Saturday.  I've also been eating quite a bit of yogurt with some dried cranberries and pecan granola. 

This morning I had more yogurt, and then realizing that I'm off schedule (so, honestly have yet to sleep yet) and will be up for a while, I also fixed some mushrooms with a couple eggs.  I need to run to the store for more milk (they were out of the half gallons of my grass fed milk last time I went and the quart lasted a couple days), eggs for a quiche, and perhaps a roast for later in the week.

Besides protein I've been trying to really drink more water and I picked up some pressed (not from concentrate) cranberry juice.  I know I need to stay super hydrated for the fluids this little girl needs, so I'm pushing the fluids even more than normal. 

I wrote on my other blog that this child has kind of saved me from myself, and she definitely has.  I think in terms of what she needs rather than any sort of guilt associated with food.  I'm actually attempting to make sure I don't lose too much weight, because while she's apparently growing just fine, my energy levels have been low, and G has been pointing out that it's because she's getting all the nutrients and I'm not getting enough.  (so yes, in essence she's a beautiful parasite!)

I still have been eating plenty of fruit, coupled with a variety of veggies, but perhaps not enough veggies.  I'm still left with little appetite as a general rule, and eating more than just a little of anything seems to be nausea inducing.  So I graze.  Not habits that I like, but habits that seem necessary at this point.  I pushed it with the eggs this morning and am now having to sit still and hope they don't make an appearance.

I love keeping this blog.  I can't wait to look back on it later, to share it with our daughter, to tell her about all the things I was thinking at this time.  And to point out the necessity for good nutrition and plenty of rest!

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