Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little White Lies

To insure that people (ahem, my mother) didn't hound me about the baby anymore, I sort of said we were done with trying to figure out the sex.  But I knew that I was going back this week to look one last time to see if I could find out for Garret.

I opened the envelope with G on skype, where he actually saw it first.  And then we were both crying and laughing because this woman is having a little girl!!!

I had sort of thought it would be a boy and so figured that I needed to get over wanting to put a baby in a tutu.  We didn't really care what it was, but let's be honest, girls just have more fun things!  So I'll be sewing little mary janes and making flower headbands and little dresses!  (although honestly, with my niece, I seriously have PLENTY of girls clothes!)

She's been very active today, I think from the excitement of us finally knowing it's a her!  Garret is hoping she looks just like her mama, and I'm excited to have a little daddy's girl.  Bring on the ribbons and pearls!


  1. Congrats Kate! Such great news! Your little girl is lucky to have an awesome mom and dad :)