Friday, July 15, 2011

Sing Sweet Lullabies

I've spent the majority of this pregnancy thinking a lot, but saying little to this little child I carry.  Maybe people think it's odd, or cold, but we seemed to have an understanding (particularly because her little ears couldn't really hear until just recently).  So I might murmur to her occasionally, but overall I would use thoughts and touch. 

Well, now I've started talking to her quietly about her daddy, God, life, foods I can't wait until she can taste herself (a year from now).  I've found myself singing some of my childhood favorites like Somewhere Over The Rainbow aloud in the car, or making up little tunes as I walk about the house.  When I feel her getting restless and perhaps a little uncomfortable, I'll apologize, and turn over until I find a spot that seems to suit us both.

And G loves talking to the belly through skype.  He's in awe that I'm carrying a daughter.  We talk about rocking her and singing songs together as a family.  He talks about dancing with her in the kitchen while I cook, of the 3 of us dancing together, singing rock n' roll.

I'm over halfway there.  I'm at 21 weeks, measuring a bit bigger, and these next several months should be interesting (as she seems content to work her way back down to nestling in my pelvis... which for the record hurts).  But it's a sweet time, a time for just us two before she becomes a raging daddy's girl.  So I'll sing her lullabies as long as she wants. 

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