Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Little Mlle. Escargot,

Your daddy is so in trouble.  I think he's more excited about a girl than I've ever seen any other man in my life!  We've already picked out a swimsuit for you for next summer for our trip to South Carolina.  It's yellow, and polka dotted and your daddy is super excited because it's got ruffles.  (I do hope you are able to meet his expectations as a girlie girl... with me as your mama I'm not really thinking this will be an issue.)  At 9 months next summer I am sure you'll have a blast watching daddy entertain you with waves and sandcastles.

We would have been thrilled no matter what, but we've both a little ecstatic about all the fun stuff girls have (boys sadly don't have as many accessories!).  Ruffles, tutus, hair flowers, little shoes... *sigh*.  Your daddy is already excited about the tea party factor (though who are we kidding, our boys will have tea parties too!).

You have definitely made my heart sing.  Our cup runneth over.

Mama and Daddy

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