Monday, July 11, 2011

Thumpity Thump Thump

For a while I thought perhaps you only moved on screen because I hear that dang sonogram thing is loud.  Everyone kept asking me if I had felt you.  When I would respond no, they would tell me what it was supposed to feel like, as if I hadn't read it a billion times anxiously awaiting it.  I knew what it was supposed to feel like, and I simply felt nothing. 

I know my body well.  I take care of it, and I know it's sounds and gurgles and movement.  So last night (really 4:35 a.m.) when I felt like something had tapped my stomach from the inside I paused.  I moved the computer so it wasn't in the way, and I waited.  And then you did it again. 

It was delightful.  You had apparently chosen to skip the simple butterfly/little fishy type movements.  I was getting poked at, repeatedly.  When you quieted down later, I gently pressed in where you had been, massaging what had earlier been an excruciatingly painful abdomen muscle.  And as soon as I quit you began poking at me again, readjusting, settling in for the night.  I told your Daddy that you were either a very early bird or more of a night owl like your mama.  He's decided that you're probably a night owl... particularly because we do like our afternoon coffee, don't we?

Tonight you've poked and prodded a bit, and now I'm getting the gentle flipping/swimming movements I wasn't before.  It's nice to know you're in there.  It's weird to know I can feel when you're up and moving.  Just another 4 1/2 months Escargot, and you'll be here. 


  1. i am so happy you finally got to feel the baby!! its the best thing in the world, i really miss those little kicks just to let you know that they are still there. video take it, i did with sean and still look at it here and there :)

  2. This made me tear up. Those first feelings, be they flutters or kicks (I never felt much in the way of flutters either) are so sweet, so amazing. What a beautiful moment!