Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Months Old

I cannot believe you are 3 months old now.  I have loved every second, the good, the bad, the really ugly.  You are truly a joy and a blessing.

Right now you are curled up right next to me asleep.  You love to sleep.  Almost as much as you love to eat.  I watch you breathe and it's this miraculous little thing that calms me.

You're funny.  Really funny.  You crack up all the time.  You jabber all the time.  (Sometimes yelling at random people angrily.) Your new favorite thing is to chew on my hand while it's under your bib, gnawing at it.  (So glad you don't have teeth yet!)

You have great vision for a baby your age, and you get upset if you can't see things.  You'll stand on my lap to get a better view and look around.  I love how you'll be long as I'm around. 

You're still a mama's girl.  I kind of love it.  Daddy isn't sure what to think about it.  You will stare at me and wait for me to look and smile and then you break into a grin that makes anything bad about my day wash away.

I want time to stop, to freeze, and yet to hurry up and get where you are talking.  Will it always be like this?  Wanting to not let go of these moments while also enjoying future milestones.  Not sure of anything except I love you to the moon and back my little snail.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nursing On Demand

I'm having to type this slowly as you have somewhat broken yourself of your pacifier'd much prefer me.  I nurse you on demand, and thank God each day that you have always preferred to sleep through the night.  But lately you use me like your binky, preferring to fall asleep while nursing.

Nursing on demand for us means that you get fed all throughout the day while your daddy is as work.  Sometimes it's a few hours in between, sometimes it's every half hour.  But I will concede that you will let it go 4-5 hours while we're out and about (usually because you like a nice long nap in the late afternoon/early evening).  You're so skinny it makes me wonder where it's all going, but then again you are over 2 feet long and growing, so it spreads out a lot!

I love being able to nurse you.  Your daddy likes to lay near us in the evenings, to talk aloud about how much he loves how you stare up at me.  You currently are a mama's girl through and through and will laugh or smile if you catch site of me at any time.  The curves of me fit you perfectly, and you love nothing more than to scoot across the sheets until you are curled up into me and then fall asleep.  You prefer to slouch on my shoulder when you're feeling testy, to look about the world, but only from the safety of me. 

It's beautiful.  You're are beautiful.  Sweetness personified, as I always say.  So this on demand thing, it will be fleeting.  Some day I'm going to look back and wish for more time. 

I love you.