Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I Am Loving

* Getting weird looks for my food habits.  Why yes I am eating a hamburger and french fries that I'm washing down with hot cocoa.  No, not just because I'm pregnant.  I happen to always eat odd things.

* Being able to give myself a break when my kitchen looks like something exploded.  I made buttermilk biscuits.  That flour on the counter will probably be there overnight.  Eh.  Whatever.

* Getting to have this time where the husband and I are all giddy and chatty about everything.  Our little snail has caused us to have to rearrange some major plans over this next year (like types of college courses and a trip to Paris).  So worth it. 

* Laughing at names.  I vetoed Alice.  I brought up that it made me think of maids and trippy Disney films.  Strangely I just realized that both characters wear blue dresses and aprons.  Creepy.

* Being on my own schedule.  I can eat and sleep whenever I want, and I think the escargot likes that just fine.  

* Having this time to myself.  I'm in that "I don't look pregnant" phase.  And while some might wish they were showing, I'm reveling in walking around with the secret of it.  It feels like those cup handed whispers of my youth only just between my body and me. 

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, little snail can't be named Alice because little snail is a BOY! Or, so I say until I get another update on the little snail heartbeat.

    By the way, I totally think "Alice in Wonderland" whenever I hear the name Alice.