Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Petite Escargot,

I cannot wait to hold you at church.  To slowly teach you about how you are a child of God.  To hear you sing songs and teach you to pray.  But mostly to teach you the most important lesson of all:  that God loves you no matter what just because you're you.

Daddy and I are so excited to do this.  He calls you our little miracle and we talk excitedly about the Christmas and Easter seasons.  Teaching you about this man called Jesus and why we celebrate his birth and death.  I'm guessing you'll teach us more about Jesus than we could teach you.  We know for sure that our hearts are expanding in our capacity for love rather rapidly because of you.

You are the answer to the prayer I was afraid to pray.  You are the deepest wish of my heart that I was afraid to whisper.  If anything I hope to teach you to not be afraid, to cry out and say aloud what your dreams are.  Because God already knows them.  That's why he gave us you!



  1. I'm so happy to read all of this. I'm so happy for you, Kalee!