Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Just A Pregnant Military Spouse

Don't mind me.  I don't even look pregnant yet.  And if it weren't for the nausea, sore breasts, constant need to pee, and exhaustion I wouldn't believe it either.  It feels surreal.  No one expects to wave their husband goodbye, to send him to Iraq, and then 5 weeks later be calling him to tell him, "Guess what?  I'm pregnant." 

G is ecstatic.  We both are.  It's an awe-inspiring, thrilling time that makes me fascinated how God works.  Apparently he was a little unsure as to what was taking us so long, so hey, why not give her a cyst to boost those chances.  Well, boost them it did! 

Right now the baby is the size of a blueberry and though seeing the heartbeat is impressive, it's otherwise a blob on the screen.  Still, I'm in love.  This was an extremely happy surprise.  We weren't sure kids were in the cards for us, biologically, so we're just shocked in a good way.  And it's fun.  We keep saying, "Oh my goodness, we're going to be parents by Christmas!"  I cannot wait to sit in the quiet of the house under our huge tree watching this little life begin. 

G will be back right as I'm hitting the third trimester.  Just in time to baby me and make sure I'm taken care of when I'm too big and too tired to move.  Particularly to keep me stocked up on pickles....something I normally eat too much of, but which I've even impressed myself with....when I ate nearly an entire jar yesterday.  I could. not. stop.  That and grapes.  I've eaten pounds of grapes. 

So this blog is here to document the journey of being a wife, pregnant for the first time with a husband on the other side of the world.  I knew I'd carry his heart.  But I never guessed I'd be carrying an extra right beneath!

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