Sunday, April 10, 2011

On Patience

I'm famous for not having any.  I try really hard.  I do.  I just suck at waiting for anything I'm looking forward to.  And G?  He's already saying, "I can't wait until November."  To him, it's even better than Christmas.  He is so ready to be a daddy and I feel incredibly lucky to finally be able to give him that.

But really, I am having the hardest time waiting.  I keep telling myself, "No buying anything until the second trimester."  And all of the big things I'll wait to buy until G comes home.  We're not really into having a lot for a kid, and in fact the baby will be sleeping in a pack n play (the bassinet part) next to our bed to start to make nighttime feedings easier.  So a crib for us won't be necessary for the first few months.

There are things we'll have to do to prepare.  G's grandmother's rocking chair is in our basement.  I thought it would be a while until we had a reason to bring it out.  But now we're talking about sending it off to the upholstery place to have the seat and back recovered.  We're not touching the wood because the arms are warm where she placed hers as she rocked grandbabies.  I love knowing the chair has a history.

We've already got enough 4 oz. glass bottles for one baby (thanks to freecycle).  They'll work with the Medela pump so that G can feed the baby sometimes.  I also plan to keep some on hand in case I get ill and can't get up to do the feedings.  I'm a precautionary plan-aheader. (As in, I've already decided we need to get a small deep freezer for the basement so that I can stock it and our regular freezer with casseroles and pancakes and such so that we don't starve when I don't have the energy to cook with a newborn.)

But now I'm just itching to do things like take knitting and crochet classes.  I want to knit booties and crochet a blanket.  Not that we need any more baby blankets (though I'm sure we'll end up with a ton more), but because it's something I can make that our child can later use with their own child.  I've begun pulling up the projects such as cloth baby shoes and baby blocks so that I can get ready for when I have a little more energy.

Patience is hard, but I am going to take these months and enjoy them.  I'm letting myself nap when I'm tired.  If I feel like just being a lazy girl and not doing much I don't make plans.  I let myself eat when I'm hungry, because other times the idea of food repulses me.  I stack the deck with lots of fresh fruit and lightly cooked veggies.  I drink plenty of water and milk.  I'm using these months to grow this baby to the best of my abilities.  Because I have never been happier.  I feel like I have just what I've been wanting, even if I didn't realize it.  My little two person family will be a three person family by Christmas, and that is soon enough for me!

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