Monday, October 31, 2011

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go...

Well, not really.  I still have a small list of items I really need to pick up tomorrow since we're on baby watch 2011.  Little Miss could be here any day within the next few weeks.  And I need things like a cheap sports bra (to wear in the birthing tub), a nursing tank (to wear home...I'm pretty much sticking to the one nursing bra I won a while back until I can figure out what size I'll need), and a few medical items.  Other than that, the diaper bag has everything needed in it from tiny little cloth diapers and her going home sleeper to a couple burp cloths and a swaddle blanket. 

She's going to be here so soon, and G's eyes light up all the time now.  He's so excited for her to get here, it's like a child waiting for Christmas (this is so not an exaggeration, I can picture him as a little boy after this experience).  And I'm loving it.  She's rolling about right now, and I try and imagine what sort of baby she'll be like.  Will she like tight spaces and being wrapped up tightly like her daddy and I do?  Will she make funny faces in her sleep? 

It's hard to imagine this whole "becoming parents" thing. G used that term last night and I freaked out a little because it sound so serious...and this was as we were shaking our rears around the kitchen making apple pie.  I laughed because I think that if someone saw us acting so goofy and like little kids they would surely never give us a child.  And as I was thinking that G says, "I just hope she realizes how lucky she is to have us as parents."  He's right.  We're silly and playful and love on each other constantly...not a bad thing to see growing up. 

So we wait.  My stomach tightens even more than normal (if that's even possible at this point) with Braxton-Hicks contractions.  My body is changing.  I am getting a waist slowly but surely as she eases downward, while other bits of me seem to be filling out more.  Jen comments yesterday that you still can't tell I'm pregnant from behind.  But from the front it's a definite "whoa."  Women in check-outs (grandmotherly types) fawn over me and remind me to get plenty of rest.  And I'm trying to.  I'm trying to slow down and just get a bit more sleep, but I've never been one for much of that. 

She could be here tomorrow or Black Friday.  The photographer has been booked for the week after Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping for sooner rather than later, since with the holidays re-scheduling is such a pain.  I want to capture her in all her little bits of beauty that belong to newborns.  I want to remember these moments and be able to look back at what has been a most wonderful time. 

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