Friday, October 14, 2011

Tick, Tick, Tick

Our iPad app informs me that we have 41 days.  Yeah, sure.  I so don't believe it and am guessing a month at best.  Which is a little surreal.  And random...totally had a dream where my skin was practically translucent and I could see her little hands with little nails pushed up against my skin, and she was turned wrong and I just sort of manipulated her into being head down again (she's been in the ready position for the last month, with her head whoa down). 

G and I are rushing to try and get a gazillion and one things done.  We're in the process of getting new bedroom furniture but there are things that have to happen before then, so it may not be ordered until right before she gets here.  Add in needing new carpet in our bedroom (thanks to Max ripping up the edge by the door), and we're simply moving on along.

And diapers!  Holy moly!  We've got covers and all-in-ones and pockets.  Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen is mailing out the fitteds and pre-folds that I'm buying from her on Monday.  We've got snappis (used instead of pins) and wet bags and cloth wipes and a friend is even sewing me some flannel ones too.  The diaper sprayer is in the bathroom waiting until it needs to be installed.  And I won some Angel Baby Bottom Balm a while back, so that's ready to go to.  Still need to pick up the disposable liners (to be used in conjunction with the cream if needed), but otherwise I think we're pretty much set for her whole diapering life.

There is very little left on my list of things to get. We finally hunted down some mitts so she won't scratch herself, picked up a comb and brush (because the sonogram is showing a nice head of hair already), we have a thermometer and nail clippers and I'm ordering a nosefrida aspirator.  I have burt's bees baby oil and at a baby thing I went to the gift bags had a full size of the Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash.  I've got a breastpump (that turns out is reimbursable by my insurance, so yay!), glass bottles (so G can feed her sometimes and I can drink martinis on occasion), and nursing covers.  Still need to get a couple more nursing tops and pads. 

Our car seat has been in our car for a couple weeks (though we still need to figure out the latch system and get it actually installed correctly).  Our stroller is ready to go for walks.  And I have a sleepy wrap, a freehand mei tai, a linen sakura bloom (I bought when a store was closing down recently), a rockin' baby sling (we got on sale when they were switching owners), a slingling pouch sling (for when she's really little...found at a consignment store), and a Beco Gemini I won last fall at my conference.  Basically we're good to go for transportation. 

So now it's just finishing up organizing the whole home, stocking the freezer, and cleaning.  The diaper bag is getting packed with items to take to the birth center, my bag will be packed soon, and we're ready for whenever she decides she is.  Thank goodness the hypnobabies package should be here this week.  It seems just the other day I was sitting shocked that a baby we never expected to get to have was in fact already growing, and now with weeks to go, I'm just antsy to meet her little self. 

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