Friday, October 7, 2011

 Little Miss,

I remind myself every day that I am super blessed by your daddy.  That I have never seen a man so in awe and so in love with you already.  Where he is genuinely delighted by shopping for baby things, and his eyes tear up as we un-stuff diapers to wash.  I'll be the one getting up with you in the night during the week, and he's actually a bit jealous... even though he knows he has to sleep to be able to function at work. 

Your daddy has wanted a baby for a long, long time.  Yes, we like our little life, and yes you were a surprise.  But from the moment we found out we've dreamed of you and your life with us.  From trips to the park to dance classes to playing hide and seek, we look forward to all those little moments with you.  After a ton of cuddling you when you're little of course!

He saw you on the screen for the first time the other day.  You have hair!  And when I say we'll need bows, he wholeheartedly agrees.  Some men can't see past having a son, and yet he has embraced the joy that having a giggly little girl in dresses will bring.

You are incredibly loved, little one.


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