Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Miss E,

I look forward to the day when you can read these letters.  I hope that even when you're a teenager, and the world seems topsy turvy and like no one understands how you feel that you will know you are deeply loved.

We essentially spent the whole weekend continuing to prepare for you.  I finally hunted down a few items still needed to check off the list for you.  We cleaned out most of the office and built bookcases almost all the way to the ceiling (and if your daddy gets his way they might go all the way up!).  We plan to spend a lot of time in there curled up watching movies and reading books with you.  And we're even planning to get a basket for some special toys to make having to be in there while we're working (writing) a little more special for you later.
Diapers out the wazoo!
We also did quite a bit of your laundry. Diapers, bibs, little socks, onesies and dresses galore.  We haven't even looked for the totes of clothes in the basement that are filled to the brim with baby clothes we've been collecting for years.  Strangely most of it is girl stuff.  I like to remind myself that our laundry loads will be substantially more frequent once you're here and that this is nothing.  
Your coming home sleeper is way off in the back!
And we spent time just enjoying the time of "just us two."  Except there is always 3 and you indignantly like to make your presence known.  Your daddy is almost done reading you Charlotte's Web.  And today we start really counting down the last month or so of quiet mornings we'll have.  I say that as you flip about in my belly.  So, relatively quiet.

It seems insane.  The idea that in just a little over a month you will be here, that our world will be topsy turvy for a bit.  Neither of us can fathom it (it being a brand new experience after all), but we think it will be quite lovely to finally meet you.  I think your Daddy is excited that you'll be so little in the winter when we normally spend a lot of time in the kitchen and curled up in bed together anyway.  Your first few months will be very cozy.  Lots of snuggles and just being.

But please, no hurry.  I'm just fine with you right where you are.  Safe, warm, and seemingly happy.  Take your sweet time little one, we'll be here waiting.


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