Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We get to see you today. Your daddy is so excited it seems he can't keep it in. It will be the first time he gets to see you on screen live. He keeps whispering to you to smile big for the camera.

I'm nervous. Trying not to be. We have to get a picture of your heart but I'm not worried about that, it's just standard (and you wouldn't turn right 10 weeks ago for them) and your heartbeat is always perfectly strong and steady. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that the placenta is in the right place. Because I really don't want abdominal surgery. I just want to meet you and cuddle with you and then go home.

You'll be here next month. No matter how many times I say that aloud it never gets any less weird. We're so excited to meet you!

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