Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Little Miss E,

You're almost here.  Your daddy is in a tizzy, he's like a kid excited for Christmas!  Your monitor is up and running and he likes to check it...often.  Soon the pack n play will be next to the bed just waiting for your first night's sleep. 

I am so excited to be finally getting to meet you.  I try and imagine what you will be like.  If you'll get our dimples.  If you'll be as ornery and spunky as me (your daddy thinks so).  If you'll be a snuggler or like your own space.  All these questions I can't wait to see answered.

I'm calm as I await you.  I strangely have no fears, not stressing about your arrival.  Right now you're dancing around in there, preparing for your nightly bedtime story I'm sure.  So until you're here for a story to be read to your new self,

We Love You,
Mama and Daddy

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