Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is It Your Birthday?

We ask you this every morning.  Technically my due date isn't for a little over a week, but we've always thought they were about a week off (your daddy's deployment leaves only certain days as possibilities!).  So any day now.  I've even tried bribing you by promising to make a cupcake for you to celebrate (not that you can eat it). 

Your daddy is a bundle of nerves and is finding it hard to get things done.  I'm left with a healthy fear of laughing too hard or sneezing because I don't want my water to break everywhere.  But we're both so eager to meet you we can hardly stand it! 

I keep dreaming about having you.  Sometimes it's the actual birth.  Sometimes it's later, with you as a toddler.  I think it's my brain's way of telling me that you're coming.  It's funny because we're so careful to not say your name around anyone else, but in the dreams I've gotten to hear what it sounds like when I'm exasperated and want you to come to me or stop doing something.  We usually call you by a nickname, but it's your full name when you're being disciplined!

I've got a million and one things running through my mind.  This was not in our plans for right now, and yet it seems to have worked out to be the most perfect time.  God certainly knows what He's doing.  I'm about as in love with you as I could possibly be, and you're not even here yet.  But I talk to your daddy about nursing you and how excited I am to have an excuse to hold you all the time!

So if today is your birthday, great.  If not, we'll just wait it out.  You're my little turkey and you'll be done when you're done.

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  1. Aw! This is so sweet! I hope the little one comes soon! The anticipation and waiting most be the hardest part!