Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One of our favorite poems in this home is by e.e. cummings and is called "i carry your heart."  We often sign off e-mails or letters with those sentiments.  So it struck me that perhaps that explains little miss's behavior.

You see, she seems to wake up usually when I'm speaking with G on skype.  Well enough that he's actually been able to see my stomach hop as she bumps around in there.  And since I carry him in my heart and carry her beneath my heart, perhaps she's getting to know him better than we imagine!

I hope so.  I hope to raise a daughter who admires her father, a true daddy's girl.  I hope that she and I are close, but I hope that by things like daddy daughter dates and time for just the two of them, to instill in her a special relationship with him.

I carry your heart G, and your daughter as well!  May you have an amazing relationship all your lives.


  1. Tears are trickling from my eyes as we speak. "I Carry Your Heart" ran thru my head at our first ultrasound when we heard Peanut's heartbeat for the very first time. I adore that poem more than words can say.

    Kate, your baby girl is so blessed to have a mom who has such an eloquent way with words. You voice matters of the heart so flawlessly!