Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meeting a Midwife

I had my first appointment at the MidWifery today.  Got to meet another midwife there (met another when I toured), who was absolutely lovely.  She was relaxed, and got excited about G coming home.  I'm so glad I've switched.  Even if we have to pay some out of pocket (we're still waiting to find out how much our insurance will cover), it is totally worth it.

One of the reasons I'm glad that we've switched have to do with their way of handling me.  They answer questions easily, and they listen to me.  My OB didn't want to hear about why I didn't need a huge shot because G is Rh- as well, because without him home to "prove" it, they told me that doctors would be wary of treating me.  Um, my husband's military, his blood type is a huge thing and we happened to get lucky and have the same type (which is a more rare type). The midwife seemed to think this was b.s. and would love to help me avoid that painful shot.

I am really hoping that it works out and I don't end up needing a c-section.  But if I do... 4 of the 5 midwives are actually licensed in a way where they would be in there helping with the surgery, so I'd have someone I trusted.  And if I'm lucky and don't need one, I'll be able to spend time laboring in a nice whirlpool with G and me just relaxing with music.

And then there are the more quirky things.  Once her head is out, G will be allowed to catch her.  He's whoa thrilled about this.  My only stipulation is that he allows me to take my sweet time getting her shoulders out and just simply catches her as she slides into his arms.  I would like to avoid tearing, thankyouverymuch.  Afterward, if everything checks out, we'll be out of there within about 5 hours.  Just enough time to feed her, feed myself, and maybe have the 3 of us curl up in the big real bed to nap.  (They encourage you to bring snacks for during and a meal to heat up for after so I'm not ravenous!)

Now we just need to hunt down a pediatrician and I feel like we're closer to her being here.  Still need to prep our house, put a deposit down for newborn photos, and test carseats in our car.  But overall, I'd say we're moving right along.

* Oh, and I gained almost a whole pound these last 4 weeks. Ha!  I'm beginning to get a little worried about my clothes being too big after she gets here.

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