Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby, I like it when you dance around.  How you flip about as your daddy and I talk about our big dreams of getting out of the city and moving to some place where the wind blows the ancient trees.  Where we sit on the porch drinking sweet tea by candlelight while you ride your tricycle up and down the length of it.  Curling up in a window seat with coffee and watching snowflakes fall.  Plenty of room for sleigh rides and snow men and memories.

Who would have ever guessed my heart would change?  That I'd love the cafes and the noise of the city but dream of a tiny town where our family can grow wild like the garden I desire?  Where we walk to fish and pick wild berries.  Where Christmas means church and a big Christmas party with candles in every window and fresh wreaths on all the doors. And blazing fires in all the hearths.

We keep that in our minds, our dream oasis for the 3 of us.  We'll get there.  And you seem just as excited as we are. 

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