Monday, August 22, 2011

Active Duty

I thought the title apt as your daddy will be re-enlisting quite soon, thereby staying on active duty, and you little miss couldn't be kicking more if you were trying to impress FIFA (soccer reference).  I like to feel you move about, imagining you twirling and dancing.  You seem to sleep like me, always trying to find a comfy new position.  I was hoping you slept more like your daddy.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Last night you did this thing where you must have been stretching rather than flipping because it was a firm and slower push against my arm.  But mostly you were causing my belly to do the wave.  Daddy couldn't really see it on skype and has since said he plans to keep his hands on my belly as often as possible just in case you move.  Please feel free to move often when we're sitting or lying.  I think us walking around attached like that might look funny and cause us to trip!

In a couple of days it will be exactly 3 months until you're "supposed" to be here.  Guesswork, all of it.  Feel free to drop out at any time around then.  If you're late then we'll just say you're fashionably late and we can discuss promptness when you're a bit older.  As long as you're here before Christmas (which is 4 months away!), we'll be fine.  Wouldn't want you to miss the lights and your mama fighting her exhaustion to bake, now would we?

You will be the best little gift this year.  And other than the little things I have in mind for your daddy (shhh... I'd tell you, but I fully expect you'd tell him), we're not doing gifts this year.  You are more than enough, my little one.

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