Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Escargot,

Your Aunt Theresa visited this weekend.  She showed up on Friday to your mama having a flat stomach, and by the wee hours of Sunday morning there you were, apparently wanting to introduce yourself before she left.  Suddenly the bump is round and firm and higher up above my navel.

I'm just fascinated by you.  Not having a sister or close friend whose had a child makes me feel a little lost sometimes.  I was worried I was still so flat and not pregnant looking.  And now I just stare at my belly, and the way it come forward right in the middle, hard as if to say you're here to stay. 

We've still got quite a while, you and me... about 23-25 weeks unless you're early.  A lifetime!  But no worries, you just stay in there all you want.  I'm in no hurry to evict you yet.  As long as you play nice and don't jam me in the ribs too often as I fall asleep.


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