Sunday, May 1, 2011


Here's the thing...I'm actually smaller now than I was beginning this pregnancy (G confirmed this looking at me on Skype this ribs are getting thin, which explains how a belt managed to bruise them yesterday...ouch!).  I haven't had too much morning sickness (just a tetch and then it settled down), but I also haven't had too much of an appetite.  My doctor says this is perfectly fine and it will return by the 2nd trimester.  I hope so.  I've never felt so ambivalent about food.  I think, "I should eat something."  But the idea simply sounds wholly unappealing.  I wish I was like this normally!

So, I've been eating a ton of fruits.  And I made pancakes, but they're rich and can make me feel queasy on the wrong night.  However, I have been loving salmon, and I finally have managed to eat normal meats (beef, chicken, ham).  My milk bill at the grocery store is quite the little expense.  That and apple juice seem to be all I want.  Even when coffee sounds like a good idea, I have a cup and then I don't really want anymore. 

However my greatest success was the other night when I was able to take myself out to Indian and devour it without feeling ill at all.  Early on the snail and I had a little talk about mama liking spicy food.  I'm glad to say that the snail has finally conceded.  I love a child who listens well!

So I'm not really eating this trimester as much as munching.  My friends are taking me out for Chinese for my birthday tomorrow night, and I'm hoping that stays down (the last time I had it was before I discovered I was pregnant and I thought that I had an upset tummy).  But munching works for me, fruit and veggies are your friend!

Do you have any tips for healthy snacks to keep on hand?  I've banned cheez-its from the house because they taste so good, but they are one of the few things I can eat a lot of!

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  1. I was the same way in the first trimester! I would sit in my car before I drove home from work and think to myself "you can drive anywhere and buy anything you want to eat, restaurant-grocery store-a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g." and I would still end up driving home without eating. I learned through trial and error that I was less nauseous and I felt better about food and eating if there was something in my stomach pretty much all the time so I took to munching all the time too! :) I really didn't eat meals, I ate pieces of meals over a few hours at a time throughout the day. I carried around a lot of nuts/trail mix and dried fruit. I also really liked dried veggies for a heathy snack when I wanted something with crunch. String cheese or a clementine were good for mid-morning snacks for me too. It made me laugh when I would sit down to 'lunch' with a plate of broccoli, but when I already had cheese and fruit and a sandwich (1/2 at a time) throughout the morning there really wasn't anything left I needed for that "meal" except veggies. :) I hope you find what works for you!