Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let Me Tell You 'Bout Your Daddy

A girl married a boy and watched him turn into a man.  And that man is your daddy.  He loves you so much already that he's a bit distracted lately....and he hasn't even met your amazing self yet!  I cannot wait until he comes home.  He has big plans to spend his nights reading to you while you dance around in there.  And I am sure you'll have some private conversations while your tired mama sleeps.

Since we don't know yet what you are, I have to tell you about my dreams for you if you're a girl or a boy.  If you're a little girl I picture plenty of times dancing around the kitchen, sometimes in your daddy's arms, sometimes on his toes.  If you're a boy I picture him teaching you to dance (don't worry, I'll teach you the right way when he's not in the room).  Either way I picture lots of spinning and piggy back rides.

Your daddy is this man who is going to keep your secrets.  Who will help you build forts and fight off imaginary dragons.  Who will sit and have tea with us and teach you how to ride a bike.  A man who is going to learn soccer so that he can play with you in the backyard.  A man who will teach you how to dog paddle and swim and then eventually how to hold your breathe so you can take off underwater.  And later a man who will talk you through the sucky moments of life and love you through the hurts.  He will be your best friend, your biggest fan, and also the voice of reason and discipline all because he loves you.

Not everyone gets a daddy who loves them beyond the moon.  But you're getting a daddy who is aiming to be best daddy of the year every year running.  You are a lucky child indeed.

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