Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dearest Little One,

I think every mother dreams of a world with no evil.  Where people are kind and good to one another.  Where even the idea of bombs and destruction do not exist.  And then we fear because it seems at times such an empty hope.

I pray that you will be a light into this world.  That you will know love, rather than hate.  That you will learn to control your anger and to seek forgiveness....and also to offer it to those who may not deserve it.  That you will see the beauty around you rather than the ugly bits that can creep in.

Today is your mama's birthday.  And you are certainly the greatest gift this year.  You offered me hope in times where it would be too easy to see a vast amount of time filled with nothing too important.  Instead, your daddy and I are celebrating each day as we wait in wonder to meet you. 

You have offered me hope, and so it is my hope that I wish all of the above for you.  Sleep well, my little snail.