Saturday, December 3, 2011

I love this man who sits before me. Who walks with you for 45 minutes while I get some doctor ordered, desperately needed sleep. This man who gave me you and all the joy that comes from being the three musketeers.

Your daddy is in awe of you. He nuzzles into you declaring that he loves the scent of you. He loves the softness of your skin and the scrunchiness of your face. He holds you close and says he's trying to make sure his scent is calming to you.

I found God's grace in the failings of our relationship. Where forgiveness was given even when undeserved. He had a plan. Even if at the time it felt like fire burning us we were instead being crafted into better people.

I found God's love when He gave us the biggest When all my broken dreams were made whole again. When I was made unbroken. He took 6 months of us being apart and remolded my heart to fit better above you and gave it an extra dose of peace. To prepare me to see this man I love and know Him better.

I love this man because he loves you and because He loves us enough to have made us 3 a family. I hope you know how loved you are. And that someday you too find all of this joy.

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