Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days Old

I want you to be able to read this someday, to know what you were like when you were super little.  So here goes.  At 12 days old:

* You are a breastfeeding champ.  You will make it very known when you have decided you would like to eat, but not in a screaming way.  You root around like no other and will mouth the nearest body part or piece of clothing. 

* You don't really mind diaper changes any more (probably because thanks to the hospital you've had so many).  In fact, if you're asleep enough, we can manage to change you without waking you. 

* You love, love, love kisses.  If we make noises as we come closer and then give you a smackeroo on the lips you seem to delight in it and will turn more towards us.  I just recorded a video of you and your daddy for you later.

* You prefer to sleep on my chest during the day, and in the nook of my arm at night.  At first it terrified me and was accidental.  But now we've got a simple set up that makes us rolling onto you or you moving much impossible.  And we all seem to wake more well rested than when you were startling every few minutes all night and waking just enough to wake us. 

I feel super blessed because honestly it feels like it's been too easy.  The breastfeeding had a slight learning curve, but it's otherwise been easy and painless.  The diaper changes go quickly, like machine work.  You're happy 99% of the time and rarely fuss for more than a few seconds (and you self soothe most of the time).  Basically Daddy and I are thinking we must be super lucky. 

Which is nice, since we've decided you're our favorite thing ever. 

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