Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Lately you've been saying something that is your version of "I love you" and occasionally when asked how much I love you, along with your constant throwing your arms out will utter something that is meant to be "this much!"  But tonight I got you to say it all stringed to together, arms thrown wide, "I love you this much!"  My heart melted into a puddle.

Loving you is beyond easy.  You're affectionate, hilarious, full of life.  Even when you're angry with me and you throw something down in defiance, I have to fight laughing.  Because in those moments, when I stare you down, you inevitable break into a grin and come running for a hug.  To say you are a delight doesn't really encompass it enough. 

I know that as you grow we'll have tough times.  I feel this huge responsibility to make sure to really cultivate a great relationship between us through patience and love.  And I will love you through the tough times, praying we'll be the better for it.

Right now you're growing and changing and finding your own way.  Some days it is harder.  To teach you to control your temper.  To catch myself when I feel irritated by normal toddler behaviour.  To laugh at the little naughty moments as you explore boundaries (such as trying to close the baby gate behind you so you can run up the stairs).  But the moments when you curl into me or you forcibly grab my face to plant one on me make the hard moments worth it. 

How on earth did we ever exist without you?  You make the days sweeter than southern iced tea, my love.

I love you,

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  1. I sincerly hope you are printing these out, and saving them for Nora. Beautifully written, Kate.