Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Nora,

You are the bees knees, kid.  You laughed so loud and hard today it shocked me and I began to giggle hysterically in the middle of Starbucks. 

I pray every day that we will continue to have a tight bond as you get older.  You currently think I'm the best thing since milkies, and me just looking your way causes you to grin.  I spend a lot of time smooching on you, which you also are a bit in love with.

I love our time together.  Our long walks.  Our time curled up in the morning just chatting.  Getting to wear you as I clean and cook.  I can't wait until we can bake cookies or go to the park.  (You currently are unimpressed by swings.)

I sometimes wonder how on earth we'll ever convince ourselves to have another.  You're our Smooshy, the loveliest thing we've ever known.  You are sweetness personified and one of the best things I have ever done.

Mama loves you.

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