Monday, January 9, 2012

Lady Eleanor,

You are just over 6 weeks old, and I have never felt more love for anyone.  I love my mornings with you, where I sing to you and you look at me, alert, giggling as I get your chinny-chin-chin.  Your eyes squeeze up, crinkly and my heart swells up.  You let out a squeal of delight this morning as loud as any baby scream I've heard and startled me, before I too began laughing.  You have a personality for sure.

All day today you've laid in bed with me.  We've sung and played pat-a-cake (where you always try and eat your hands...I think you assume they will taste like this cake I speak of), and you've napped off and on.  I haven't gotten anything done I wanted to do, and yet I am more content than one should be allowed to be.

Your daddy and I think you're amazing, and wonder if we've simply gotten lucky, or if we should have another just like you.  I dream of you and I, tea parties in a few years and I wonder if there will be another one to join us or if it will just be the two of us.  I'd love to have 2 beautiful little girls, so we'll see. 

This is taking forever to write, because I keep stopping to play with you, to hear you laugh.  You are the best distraction I've ever known. 

My cup overflows.

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