Friday, January 20, 2012


Your pediatrician always says, "Oh, she's so advanced."  You smiled within a week or so of birth, not randomly, but rather in response to us.  You laughed around 3 weeks, deep chuckles that have turned into giggles as we play with your face.  You have been turning your head toward us for kisses, opening your mouth (what is it with babies opening their mouths for kisses?!?) for so long we can't remember when it began. 

She always talks about how strong your legs are, as you push yourself forward with them.  And then notices the began the teething process at 5-6 weeks.  We've paid for it with screaming, though you seem to love ice cold teethers.

We're watching National Geographics "The Science of Babies" as they explain why babies who have the skills to take steps at birth (the feet movements) lose them as they get towards 6 weeks.  I stare at the screen, because when we allow you to stand (standing against us, no support from our hands) you will pick feet up in a way that the show is saying you shouldn't be able to.  Your legs enable you to push up, crawling of sorts up my body as you feed.  They are indeed strong.  And you can sit, leaning forward unassisted.  Your neck control allows you to turn it to look at things, and you can even lift off the bed, turn your head to the other side while having tummy time.

But most impressive is the coordination you display.  You have now conquered the grasping the binky and bringing it up to your mouth, though you lack the dexterity to turn it the right way.  This causes you to get pissed off, and the fussing begins.  Same with the Sophie the Giraffe can push it up to your mouth, occasionally getting a mouthful of her nose or feet, but usually missing. 

I'm both fascinated and terrified of all of this.  I crawled at 4 months and walked at 8 and I worry what will happen if you surpass that.  I am amazed by you, my sweetness. 

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