Saturday, September 8, 2012


You, my daughter, delight in life.  Everything causes you to pause and then your eyes twinkle, your nose twitches as it scrunches up and you giggle as if the beauty of life is such a delightful surprise.  You cause me to see beauty in the mundane.

And it's these moments where I see the mixture of your daddy and me.  Your face is so like mine, from it's roundness to the pointy chin.  I used to hate my chin, but seeing it on you I'm starting to learn to love it.  And then your eyes are large and rounder like mine, but the muscle structure is like your daddy's and they crinkle as you smile, closing to smaller slits.  The dimples appear and it's a common remark to hear that you are so like a mischievous elf.

I whisper in your ear that I hope you never lose this wonder, this fascination with and love of life.  And then you reach out your hand to my face and laugh, as if the concept is hilarious.

My how I love you, ma petite.

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  1. She is such a joy. I can't wait to see her.