Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vanity Fair

My daughter is the future wicked queen from Snow White.  I can almost picture her demanding from the mirror to know that she is the prettiest in the land.  And I'm just hoping she doesn't decide I'm competition and send a huntsman for me in some sort of weird fairy tale twist.

Nora, my love, I record these moments because I want you to know what you were like as a small baby.  Ridiculously funny would be the best description.  You were in your exersaucer turning yourself upside down to gaze at yourself in the mirror behind you.  Repeatedly.  Your daddy and I joke that you've yet to meet a mirror you don't like. 

At times this makes things super easy.  I can cheer you up just by getting in front of a mirror and making faces at you. 

I want to raise a daughter who knows that she is worth more than her looks.  That her value comes from her mind and her heart.  That you are amazing aside from your cuteness. 

But you are pretty stinkin' cute!

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